Doorbell 3 Plus doesn't pickup delivery drivers

My Doorbell 3 Plus does not pick up Fed-Ex, UPS, or USPS delivery drivers. It picks up food delivery and any other people just fine, including myself, my partner, kids on the road, and sometimes even my neighbor’s dog across the road…

But it just will not pick up package delivery drivers. The only reason I know when I get packages is because I have a Blink camera running redundancy, watching the exact same spot.

I would think it was the motion sensitivity – if it weren’t for how it picks up other people so well. It even picked up my porch pirate (sort of, very grainy), but not the delivery driver who dropped off that package.

Has anyone else had a problem similar to this? How did you solve it?

Doorbells take a few seconds to “wake up” when they detect motion.
Delivery drivers typically are in a rush, even running, when they deliver and don’t hang around which can explain why they aren’t being recorded, or only recorded on leaving.
What I did to help my setup was to add a camera over my garage which “wakes up” first and as it links to my Doorbell the doorbell then “wakes up” sooner than usual. I haven’t missed a delivery driver (except the ones that arrive and leave at a full sprint) since then.

Be that as it may, it doesn’t even record the delivery drivers that aren’t running. I had a Fed-Ex driver today juggling three packages, so moving rather slowly. He only showed up on the Blink, not the Ring. In fact, many of my delivery drivers are typically going slower than both my neighbors’ dogs and my food delivery drivers. I have my sensitivity set so high that I’ve picked up squirrels and birds but not package drivers.

The fact remains that they are delivery drivers is immaterial. There’s no “don’t record delivery drivers” settings for a Ring doorbell or any of their cameras.

Good luck!