Doorbell 3 Plus Angle Kit

Hello Everyone,

I just purchased a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus. I had to install the wedge included with the doorbell in order to angle it down towards my porch due to being up on stairs. I am also needing to install the included angle piece to rotate the doorbell to the right. So far I have not been able to find instructions on how to install both of these together. Is this possible? Which order should they be installed in? How are they secured to the wall when using both?

Hey @chrlbrwn2. You may be able to get these pieces together to work, with both a Corner Kit piece and a Wedge Kit piece. How many of the Wedge pieces did you use? You will want to ensure you are not using more than 4 pieces in total, as the screw needed for that may not be long enough. **If you need to use a Wedge kit and a Corner Kit together, install the Wedge Kit on top of the Corner Kit, and then to the wall before attaching Ring Doorbell. So it will flow as Doorbell > Wedge > Corner > Wall. Hope this helps, and please share a photo of what it looks like! :slight_smile: **