Doorbell 3 - no Live view

Bought Ring Doorbell 3 plus one Indoor Camera and one Chime Pro two weeks ago, and all worked fine. Now we can not connect to live view on the Doorbell 3, though the indoor camera works fine. All we get os the blue spinning circle and ACTIVATING DEVICE…
inndor Cam is working from Chime Pro due to its location.
Device Health Report says everything is fine
Internet speed and strength are fine. It doesnt work on either the Ring or Rapid Ring Apps (ios 14.4)
I am currently remote from the system so on a different WiFi, this morning I disconnected WiFi and tried Live View via 4G and it worked, switched WiFi back on and back to square one, only now it won’t work on 4G either.
There are countless posts on this issue there is obviously and issue with Rings Devices/Firmware

Hi there, @S75! Thank you for providing all the steps you’ve taken. You are certainly covering the right bases here. While live view looks to have worked on your 4g, a hotspot is great for testing but might not yield consistent results. Let’s try to bring this Video Doorbell 3 inside and change it’s network connection to us the Chime Pro (same as your Indoor Camera). Place your Video Doorbell 3 within the same room as the Chime Pro for optimal connection, and test video. Please ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device during these tests. Please also ensure that you are connecting to the 2.4 Ghz wifi, rather than the 5Ghz. A great way to confirm video operation in general, is to check your event recordings to confirm those will play, despite live view not working.

If live view still does not work, and continues to work for only your Indoor Camera, try power cycling (removing/ inserting battery) or resetting (hold setup button for 20 seconds) your Video Doorbell. Feel free to let us know how this goes!

Thanks for coming back,Thats what we are doing now working, but unfortunately the indoor cam suffers .
We had done the resets several times as well.
I dont see how we need to use the Chime Pro for the Doorbell when my router is circa 8 feet away and in clear line of sight. Your solution suggests we need another Chime Pro?
Anyhow we are working for the mo, but my point remains why am/was I (and so many others) having the issue.
Thanks again


While an extender would naturally help a device communicate with your network in an appropriate scenario, it is indeed odd that it would provide an improved experience compared to a much closer router access point. If you feel comfortable sharing router type and/ or internet service provider, there may be something specific there. In the mean time, you might consider checking router settings and connected devices details for any conflicts, or even check out our ports and protocols help center article. As you are now receiving video from both Ring devices, I do not believe ports will be of any concern here.

Additionally, and if you’d like, temporarily relocating and connecting your Indoor Camera to the router network directly and not the Chime Pro, is a great test to potentially rule out most network variables.

I’m having problems with the live feed. Only turned it on yesterday. I’ve checked WiFi signal v good. Seems it’s not as good as the advert suggests. Only working 1/4 times I access it or the alarm goes. Any one else

my doorbell doesn’t work since 4 am today!
wifi has strong connectivity
took off battery and charged it and put back in but still not working.
doorbell is not recording when someone is at the door, it does not send notifications
cannot view any recordings
live view doesn’t work

Dear Ring, I’ve had it with your product, it’s not fit for purpose. I have 70MB internet, a mesh node within 6 feet of the bell and an RSSI of around 40, but still miss rings because it won’t connect, and live view fails as much as it connects. (but change a video setting or clear cache and it works.)

You must have hundreds, if not thousands, telling you the same thing, but still you trot out the “poor signal” myth. If your product is so fragile, it’s simply not fit for purpose.

If I could get a refund, I would, and no, I don’t want another 45min with one of your people telling me it’s my system; it’s not, it’s your product, and you need to read the reviews and do something.

My system hasn’t changed at all, but your software has, and now, live view connects first time every time. You’ve continually told customers poor connection was their problem, and now you’ve fixed it covertly. Not the best business practice!