Doorbell 3 live view Alexa show 8

I have a ring doorbell 3 and 4 Alexa echo show 8 to see the front door when the doorbell is pressed
If I have all 4 show 8 in the same account, when someone presses the doorbell, the live view shows up, however, if I have each show 8 in separated Alexa accounts ( but in the same household) , the live view only shows in 1 of them.

Is this an error? Is it possible to see the live view when button is pressed on all alexas even if I’m multiple household accounts?

Hi @brunom12. Since the Live View is accessed and pulled up from your Ring account, the Alexa device that the Ring skill is enabled on will need to have that account pulled up to link the Doorbell to it. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the Alexa devices are all on the same account in order to get the Live View to automatically pull up on all of them! :slight_smile: