Doorbell 3 light ring

I have a Doorbell 3 on battery. Per Ring, the light ring does not stay on while using battery but will stay on when hardwired. If I install a solar charger, will the light ring stay on since it’s now “hardwired”? Also, per Ring, the Doorbell 3 operates on battery even if hardwired. Hardwiring is for charging only. So does that mean either way, the light ring is not staying on? Any input is greatly appreciated.

Hi @user30445. The Light Ring will only stay illuminated when Hardwired. A Doorbell is considered Hardwired when connected to a doorbell transformer or a Plug In Adapter Gen 2. When connecting the Doorbell to a Solar Panel, it will be Solar Powered, not hardwired. I hope this clears things up for you.