Doorbell 3+ battery just later 23days

I bought a doorbell 3+ last month, installed and setup, also bought a spare battery, as it seems a bit daft that you don’t have a doorbell for 10hours whilst other is charging.

I set up advanced motion zones to just look at my front garden however I am finding it’s recording say a lorry driving past which is no where near the motion zone for some reason and other events that are not in the motion zone.

However I’ve just had to change the battery, it lasted 23 days! This isn’t good enough. I’ve had probably about 10-20 actual rings on doorbell in this time.

I’m disappointed to be honest. I knew it wouldn’t last the 6 months that’s advertised, but 23days?

Hi @L1111. I would suggest modifying your Motion Zones and Motion Frequency. These Community articles have some great information on Motion Zones and Motion Frequency. Also, if you can attach a picture of your Motion Zones, the Community will be able to make some suggestions on how to optimize your motion detection. This will ultimately help your battery last longer, as the more activations per day, the quicker your battery will drain. I hope this information helps!

Ok I’ll have a look although have modified them.

What I don’t understand though is my motion zone setup is no where near the road and it’s picking up cars and lorry’s going past. What’s the point in seeing the advanced zone if it just ignores it?