Doorbell (2nd Gen) Battery Level Unknown, Firmware Unknown

I purchased a new Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) and installed it. I ran through the initial setup and everything seemed fine. However, after setting it up and going onto the App to learn how to use it, I discovered that under Device Health, it will not show me a battery level (greyed out) and the the Battery Level in “Unknown”. The Firmware also say “Unknown”. All features are working, its connected properly to my WiFi. I just do not know what firmware version it is running and I cannot monitor the battery life. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @saleen9646.Could you try resetting the Doorbell and reconnecting it to see if this helps? For the reset, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds. After this is done, go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell > Device Health and tap on Change or Reconnect to Wifi. From here, it’ll take you through another setup of your device. After this is done, let me know what it says for Firmware and Battery Level! :slight_smile:

I tried this and the battery is still gray and says unknown and same with firmware

Today I have the same problem also, I have tried everything.

Is this part of the outage they are having cause mine also is grey for battery and says unknown and the firmware also says unknown.

Mine decided today to stop notifying me of motion detection. I went into the app and notifications had been switched off and not by me. Upon doing a health check. I also discovered the same problem your having. Battery Level and Firmware unknown.

I note the stock answer from Ring is to reset the unit and start all over again. This will be the second time in in a matter of two weeks I’ve had to reset the unit. In addition, the WiFi reception is dreadful and my router is just 10 feet way with just one standard brick wall between the door bell and router.
I’m not impressed at all with this product and was considering purchasing other Ring devices but think I’ll give it a miss given the issues I’ve had since purchase.

The ring network was down, they have been trying to fix the problem, had a message saying they are trying to fix it that was after 2lm this afternoon uk time. Mine is ok now, I have the green battery level.

Mine now shows battery but it is hardwired. Come on ring get it fixed!!

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! It sounds like this may be related to our recent status found at, or in the Community Announcements. Our team is working on a solution as we speak, and will update the status when this concern has been resolved.

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