Doorbell 2 with existing door chime/transformer

Currently, my house has a wired door chime. It is a vintage NuTone K16, manufactured in the 50s that is wired to a low voltage transformer (5VA 10V). See attached picture.

I recently purchased a Video Doorbell 2 and I want to use it with my door chime. The Doorbell 2 requires a 8-24VAC transformer. So it appears that the current transformer is not powerful enough?

I found the following tri-volt transformer from my local Home Depot that can output: 8 VAC/10 VA, 16 VAC/10 VA or 24 VAC/20 VA.

I don’t understand the difference between VA vs V vs VAC?

Will this transformer work with my existing chime AND the Doorbell 2?

We’re glad you asked @graffixx ! The 10v 5va transformer should be fine to use with your k16 chime kit and Video Doorbell 2, as it is between the 8-16VAC required.

In regards to transformer ratings and what they mean, V is the total voltage it puts out and VA (voltage times amps) is the rate at which that voltage is delivered, and VAC is just Voltage in AC (rather than DC).

I hope this information helps! Let us know if any other questions arise, we’re happy to help :slight_smile:

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