Doorbell 2 suddenly quit recording & notify of motion

Has worked flawless for ~2 years. Wife noticed this morning that it wasn’t sending notify of motion.

Live view - works fine

door bell - works fine

motion notify - like it doesnt even exisit.

I have confirmed settings. I turned off, then turned back on all settings. I have not uninstall/reinstall … yet.

Device health lists as clean

RSSI typical 65 to 70

Firmware up to date

3 other devices (hardwire floodlight, solar spotlight, battery indoor cam) all work just fine, no different from last week.

All 4 devices have worked great, we just noticed this morning the doorbell quit motion notify after Saturday.

any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

My doorbell stopped recording yesterday around 9:30 am but started recording again today around 9:00. Having trouble going on live view though

bump - sure would be nice to have my system working again!

I’m following this post because I installed our ring peephole doorbell and camera two days ago and we are already having issues. I can’t help but wonder if I’ve made a mistake with this purchase. It worked fine yesterday and today it has missed is coming and going all morning. The doorbell works as does the live feed but it has failed to pick up video of action outside the door.