Doorbell 2 Pro DIN Transformer Hardwired - Adding Doorbell Pro

I have just installed a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 with the hardwired DIN rail Transformer and it all operates as it should over our Wi-Fi, with a plug-in Chime 2nd Gen, also over Wi-Fi.

I would like to know if I can connect a second older Doorbell Pro to the DIN Transformer directly or not?

My plan is to add this second doorbell at the rear of our property. It is an older but new Ring Doorbell Pro I already have, so my question is, can this be added to the same DIN transformer directly with a 0.75mm² two-core electrical cable over a 14 metre cable length? The current cable from the transformer to the Pro2 doorbell is about 1.2 metres in length.

I have looked at All of the wiring scenario options on the Ring website and I see nothing that covers what I am attempting to do, probably because the product is newer?

I get the impression from the existing diagrams that I need to install the older Doorbell Pro with the power pack at the end of the cable and in series with the +ve feed from the transformer but I’d like confirmation that this is the recommended set up for 2 mixed model doorbells on the same DIN transformer.

If two Pro2 doorbells are use, would it be a direct connection then?

Please illustrate these two scenarios in the list of wiring diagrams for future customer information.

Hi @BasaiDai. Without being able to see your Doorbell circuit, it’s difficult to say if it will work or not. To install the Ring Pro, I would suggest connecting it to a Plug In Adapter Gen 2, or seeking the advise of a qualified electrician to review your circuitry.