Doorbell 2 live view connection problem

With my android phone app, connecting to the doorbell 2 live view almost always failed or connected after a long delay. It rarely connected within a few seconds.

When it failed either the app would generate an error message after several seconds of delay, or I would exit back to the device screen after waiting around 10-15 seconds or more not wanting to waste time waiting for the error message.

Connecting the doorbell to my chime pro network as opposed directly to my router seems to have resolved the issue.

The doorbell RSSI reported by the app is -62 connected to the chime pro network. When connected to the router it was -58, so I doubt it was a signal strength issue that caused the problem when connected to the router.

I’m considering my issue resolved, but wanted to post it in case it might help someone.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, as well as the solution you found. A Chime Pro is a great way to extend signal, decrease distance, and avoid major interferences. We hope you continue to enjoy your “Ring of Security”.

What exactly is a chime pro network? Does this require additional hardware that I will have to purchase? I have the same problem, and by the time the app connects, the person at the front door has left. I would like to know how to make the app connect ssoner.

wdadli1, with my setup, there were 2 types of delays that I wanted to reduce.

The worst was, when I initiated live view from the phone app (not when the doorbell detected motion), there would be a very long delay or a failure to connect. My best guess was that this was due to an unusual timing incompatibility between my router an the doorbell A chime pro solved this problem, but this may not be the problem you are having.

The other delay that I wanted to reduce may be the same as what you are seeing. That’s the delay from someone approaching the doorbell to being able to see the video on your phone. There are several things that can contribute to that delay. All cloud based systems will have delay from when someone approaches the doorbell, to the doorbell detecting the motion, to the doorbell successfully talking to router, then to your ISP, then to the cloud server, and back again to the phone.

If you have a poor wifi signal at your doorbell the delay can be increased. A properly positioned chime pro can greatly improve the signal at the doorbell. But I was already using a chime pro. My problem was the 1st 2 steps above. Because of limited space. I had to position the doorbell so someone approaching it would be walking directly toward the face of the doorbell. That made motion detection occur too late - sometimes when the person was walking away. Sometimes never. Motion sensors work best when a person crosses in front of the sensor.

To solve that I needed a way to detect motion reliably every time and a couple of seconds before the person was at the door. A Ring smart lighting motion sensor and hub solved the issue. I positioned the motion sensor several feet from the door and facing across the walkway to the door. In the phone app, I linked the doorbell and motion sensor. It works great now.

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Great question @wdadli1 ! To add , the Chime Pro is similar to the Ring Chime but with a built in WiFi extender. Live view connection speed is dependant on signal strength, distance from router, Wifi speeds, efficiency/ age of router, mobile phone connection and more.

As an easy first step, I always recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app to ensure it is up to date. If you feel that Wifi signal is the culprit for a delayed connection to video streams, we definitely recommend checking out our Chime Pro .

To learn more about how the Chime Pro extends Wifi , take a look at this Community post. I hope this helps!

What if you have same delay issue using iPhone? Can you advise how to fix it because I’m ready to rio this Ring doorbell out as it’s been worthless for live connectivity due to very slow response time.

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