Doorbell 2 issues with Local Webserver Running (Port 80)


Trying hard to get to the bottom of this; have been working on this issue for months.

I have problems connecting periodically from my iPhone RIng App to my Ring Doorbell 2 device. I have a Belkin N600DB router and have added a Belkin N600DB Extender, which is in close proximity to my Doorbell 2 device. I get RSSI readings of -50 or better always.

Further, I have created a 2.4Ghz “Guest” SSID on my router, that I’ve allocated exclusively to my Doorbell 2 and Chime devices.

Given the above, I still have regular periods where I cannot connect from my iPhone Ring app to my device (get a Cannot Stream error with an ask for retry). I have regular internet service of > 30Mb both upbound and downbound, so internet throughput is certainly not the issue.

I just read on some Ring documentation, that Ring uses Port 80. I run a webserver on my of my LAN machines (which uses port 80), and I have my router portforward any inbound traffic to port 80, to that IP address on my LAN that runs the webserver. I use a different 2.4Ghz SSID for this webtraffic (that is, not the “Guest” SSID).

My webserver has periodic (and fairly light) traffic. Will or could this be causing my connection issue between my iPhone Ring App and the Ring Doorbell 2 device?

Thanks in advance.