Doorbell 2 connected to the Chime Pro with the weakest signal

I have 2 chime pros. The 1st chime pro typically provides the doorbell with an RSSI of -60 to -58. The 2nd chime pro’s signal is around -70 to -65 due to more walls between it and the doorbell.

With both chime pros on-line the doorbell is almost always connected to the 2nd one with the weaker signal.

Does anyone know if the doorbell periodically looks for a better chime pro signal and connects to it? It doesn’t seem to be doing that in this case.

As a test, to see if there is a problem with the 1st chime pro, I can unplug the 2nd chime pro then the doorbell works great with the 1st chime pro with the stronger signal.

Great question @F50 . The Chime Pros will not hand off connections with each other, as the initial setup establishes a secure connection to a specified Chime Pro. If you unplug the connected Chime Pro, the Video Doorbell will not connect to the other automatically.

Best practice with having multiple Chime Pros, is to keep the preferred one plugged in while setting up and connecting your Video Doorbell. Once your devices are online, and the Chime Pro is extending signal as intended, you’ll be able to plug in the second Chime Pro without any network confusion. I hope this information is helpful!

In my case the doorbell did immediately connect to the other chime pro.

That aside, to setup a different chime pro as the preferred one for the doorbell, what’s the process? Uninstall the doorbell and both chime pros, and reinstall in the desired sequence?

I followed the best practice described above when there are 2 or more chime pros installed.

It worked fine - the doorbell connected to the preferred chime pro. However, other devices that were presumably connected to the chime pro that was temporarily unplugged reconnected to the chime pro that remained plugged in. In some cases giving them a weaker signal even after both chime pros were back on line.

At least for my setup, there is an alternative solution - a trick that doesn’t require unplugging a chime pro. It’s counter intuitive - if I setup a new device (i.e., a stick up cam) temporarily positioned a few feet from the chime pro that is **not** the preferred chime pro, oddly, it will connect to the preferred chime pro which is some distance and a few walls away (thus a weak signal). Then when I move the new device to it’s final location closer to the preferred chime pro, it remains connected to it with a much better signal level.

My issue is resolved, but my suggestion to the Ring developers is to give the user the option to select the chime pro a device is connected to. That would allow network optimization and provide network predictability for customers with a lot of ring devices.

Glad to see you were able to get these connected, and the signal extended. This is some great feedback, thank you for sharing in detail what your experience was like with this. I’ll share it with the team, as I agree being able to select between Chime Pro networks in the app would make that process more efficient.

Thanks for the response. Thanks for providing that information and suggestion to the appropriate Ring group. The default could be automatic the way it works now. The user option could be to override the default and select chime pro/camera paring or revert back to the default.


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