Door view cam not alerting through Alexa. UK

Hi, need some advice please?!

Just bought a door view cam and I cannot get it to alert me through my Alexa devices. I have echo show 5’s / 8’s and a dot . Doesn’t work through any of them.

I am registered on the same email through Amazon and Ring. I have enabled the skill, switched on enable doorbell announcements. I’ve tried setting up a routine, putting it on a group and assigning all my echoes as speakers. These are all the tips I could find through google but still, no joy. It’s pretty much useless to me without this feature so if anyone has any suggestions please??

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Lemore80. Are you able to get proper alerts on the Ring app for your Door View Cam? If you’re getting the alerts every time on the Ring app side of things, this may be a concern with the Alexa integration side of things. Could you try disabling the Ring skill and then re-enabling it to see if this helps? Please ensure that the Door View Cam is showing up under your Alexa app under devices to ensure that that connection is in tact. In addition, can you ask Alexa to pull up the Live View, or does this not work either?