Door View Cam disconnection on mesh Wifi

I’ve just purchased a Door view Cam and found it keeps disconnection from my mesh Wi-Fi. The Mesh is provided by two FritzBox 7530’s and works with every other device in my home. But the Ring Door view disconnects when the Wi-Fi steering on the AP moves it to the second AP. I can see this in the logs on the FritzBox. As the Ring sits in between the two AP’s it regularly gets steered to the second AP so this is a real problem. Has anyone else seen this issue ?

Hi @fatterattom. With your network, are you able to make a dedicated 2.4 Ghz network? One that can be constant and not alternate. This may be the best solution to keep your Peephole cam from disconnecting. This is something that your Internet Service Provider can probably assist you with. I would start there as a first step. Feel free to come back and update the Community if that worked!