Door sensor chiming while door is open?

To be clear, my door sensor isn’t just chiming when the door opens but is also chiming randomly if the door is left open. This didn’t happen before and just started out of the blue today. I tried rebooting the base station, but that didn’t help. Any tips on how to make this stop?

This is odd to hear @Seriously! The Alarm Contact Sensor should only produce this chirp upon opening or closing the door, and should not continuously play if left open or closed. For a door that is slightly ajar, periodical chirps might result from the magnet and sensor being close enough to trigger again.

If your door was opened outwards and further away from signal, this could cause connection concerns which might result in a replayed chirp on reconnecting. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The door is fully open when it’s occurring… So that’s not the issue.

@Seriously Do you have any metal door frames, building materials, or objects around the door when it is open? Please note that the metal can be affecting the internal hardware in the contact sensor which could be causing it to chime like it’s opening multiple times. If this still doesn’t sound right and seem fit, please reach out to our support team here. They can do more in-depth troubleshooting with your device to confirm the best course of action from here! :smiley_cat:

No metal nearby, and nothing has changed… it just randomly started. I’ll reach out to Support.