Door Material

Hi Ring community,
My front door is made of aluminum instead of wood. It is made of two aluminum sheets 1 mm thick separated/bonded by a 2 cm of expanded polystyrene. Does the Video Doorbell Wired do the wireless communication through such aluminum doors? Do you have/had experience with sch situation?
Thank you for your comments.

Hi. Check the wifi signal of your phone right where you intend on instlling the doorbell. Since Ring devices work via wifi, if you have a good wifi signal on your phone, you will be in good shape with the Ring device. There are also various apps that will actually measure signal strength and speed. Report back and good luck!

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The wifi signal is weak and fails constantly. Therefore, I suppose that if I install a RING there is asking for troubles.

Hi @Cristovao. Placing a Ring device there could be problematic. You may need a Chime Pro to boost the wifi signal. This Community post here has information on wifi interference and might be helpful.

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Hi @Tom_Ring thank you for the clue.