Door Lock Automation

Does anyone know what kind of automation you can do with door locks? I would like the door to lock automatically once closed after a delay. I would also like to make sure it doesn’t lock when door status is open.

Hi @SchittySchooty85. If you have a smart lock that works with the Ring Alarm system, you can set it up to arm or disarm your alarm. First, you can check out a list of compatible smart locks here, as you’ll need one that works with the Ring Alarm system. You can then follow the steps in this Help Center Article here to set up arming and disarming via the smart lock. :slight_smile:

@SchittySchooty85 wrote:
Does anyone know what kind of automation you can do with door locks? I would like the door to lock automatically once closed after a delay. I would also like to make sure it doesn’t lock when door status is open.

To achieve what you want to do you’ll need something setup using a 3rd party like Smart Things or Alexa. I achieve this using an Alexa routine I created. (FYI you don’t actually need an Alexa device like a Dot or Show in your home to do this, you only need an Alexa/Amazon account and the Alexa app).

I’ve created two routines: The first, when I arm my alarm in Home mode the lock immediately auto-locks the front door. Secondly, my exit delay for Away mode is set to 1 minute. I have another Alexa routine created that when armed Away, it waits 1 minute, then locks my door. Both have worked very well for me.

There’s no way to auto-unlock your door/lock using any routine at this time–at least not that I’m aware of. I have the option enabled in my Ring alarm that disarms the alarm upon entering the code on my lock’s keypad.

I’m not aware of anything that can prevent the lock from locking when the door is open. If you click the button in the Ring app, the lock locks regardless of the door’s status.

I’m using a Yale lock. While this isn’t listed on Ring’s site, it works very well and integrates perfectly. You have options outside of Ring’s listed models as long as you use a Z Wave based lock. I do however advise cross-checking for compatibility first before purchasing just to make sure should you get something not listed on Ring’s site. You can start a ‘fake setup’ in the Ring app to add the lock. If the model shows as an option in the app, it will work. There are far more options within the app for locks than offered on Ring’s site. I wanted something with a keyhole on the outside so I got the model linked below:

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to be able to do this all locally with the ring App. I already had my door lock and door sensor hooked to Hubitat with code built to auto lock. I like the ring App because it has my camera’s and security system on it and thought it made sense to have the door lock as well. I wish there was a more powerful programming tool in ring but unfortunately there is not. So I ended up doing something similar to what you are doing. Since Alexa talks to Hubitat I made an Alexa routine that sends status of door and door lock to Hubitat which then sends a command back to Alexa to lock door when conditions are met. I ended up having to take the lock status away from the code because my Alexa routines that are supposed to trigger when door is locked/unlocked aren’t being triggered. Here is how it goes: “When front door lock is locked” then “turn on Front Door Status Switch” (which is a virtual switch in Hubitat for lock status). I also have another routine that is supposed to turn off the same virtual switch in Hubitat when the door is unlocked. For some reason the door lock will not trigger the routine. I do the same thing with the front door contact sensor (have Alexa turn on/off virtual switch in Hubitat replicating front door open/closed status) and it works fine. So the front door opening and closing will trigger my routine but the front door lock - locking and unlocking will not trigger my routine. I think its an Alexa problem with their routine function so I have a ticket out with them that their developers are supposed to look at. Just wondering if you have had an issue like that or if you could get your door lock status to fire a trigger. I also have a Yale, its Z-wave.

FYI: The Alexa app status always updates correctly when I lock and unlock my door whether I do it through ring, Alexa, or manually at door lock. The only problem is that the status won’t trigger my routine.