Door bell not working at all

I’ve just installed my ring door bell.

To get a good Wifi connection I’ve connected it to a guest Wifi on a Wifi extender and it’s all connected fine with an RSSI-43

When I press the door bell button nothing happens. I get no notification. no ring nothing, on mobile or at the door bell. the bell is fully powered and from the app it’s all reporting as good. on the app I can’t view the video feed it just times out.

connection wise. Doorbell --> BT Wifi home hub powerline extender (on guest wifi) --> Fritzbox router --> internet

possible routing issue ? or bad device ?

Any help would be great as it’s getting really frustating

From the app I can’t get any

To note : I’m running the door bell off it’s internal battery.

Hey @JasonMcCreery. Thank you for detailing your setup here so we can have a better understanding of what is happening for you. It’s possible you may need to adjust your ports and protocols on your network to allow the Ring devices to connect. Feel free to reach out to your ISP to make these changes to your network if you need the assistance. Once those changes have been made, reset your Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds has passed, go to the Device Health page and Change the Wifi Network for the Doorbell, but simply reconnect it like you did for the first time setup. Let me know how this has changed your performance, if at all!