Door Bell battery does not last

We have a Standard Door bell which is on battery. Initially the battery was lasting around 3 months but was picking a lot of foot and vehicular traffic. We have changed the range and only to pick up foot traffic but in saying that we now only get around 4 to 6 weeks battery life. This is a real pain…we were expecting around 12 months or at;least 6 months. Does not really help if you decide to take a 2 month holiday, the door bell becomes useless. How long are your units lasting before needing to charge it up again… I know there is now a solar units we can buy but it notes to be in some direct sunlight. Our unit is located under a Porch and I believe it would not receive much sun at all. Will this unit charge with very minimal to zero direct sunlight. Still dissapointing that we now have to spend more money on a door bell that costs us a bit to start with and pay for a video service each year.

Hey @Tbone, around how many events are you having in between the charging? The Doorbell can have a few months of battery life if you’re having no more than 10 events a day, but this is all dependent on things like usage and weather conditions. Additionally, if you’re worried about the battery itself if it still doesn’t seem to hold up to these standards, I recommend reaching out to our support team here for them to take a deeper look into your device and it’s battery’s health over time.