Donwload video's after subsciption


I just subsribed to a yearly protect plan, how can I download the files from last night? Are they deleted? Due to an incident our local Police asks me to deliver footage. Is this possible? If yes, how?

BR Ivo

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I cannot download or share video’s before date/time of subscription. Allthough Ring says they save the video’s 24hrs…

Hey @Ivo! As long as you are subscribed to a Protect Plan, or in free trial period, your videos should save and be reviewable in your event history in the Ring app. If you are not subscribed to a Protect Plan, or your subscription lapses/ cancels, any recordings are no longer stored on the account. At Ring we value your security and your privacy, which means your videos are only ever stored on your account when subscribed and no where else.

If subscription was recently purchased, your recordings will be available from the time of purchase and thereafter, while subscribed. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Question is whether I can get access to files before subscription? Even if I pay for it? It’s a request from the local police department…

Hey @Ivo. Happy to help clear this up for you! If you do not have an active Ring Protect Plan, the recordings will not be saved and recorded. Any time you have a lapse in the plan being active, all previous videos that were stored are removed without the active plan. Therefore, any videos you need prior to purchasing a plan will be available.

Thanx for your answer. I can see the actual video, it’s about 3 hours behore subscription, but I get an error “There was an error retrieving this video, Please try again later”. So, I cannot download it sadly…

@Ivo Ah, yes! So it is still there since you starred it, but since you had a time where there was no subscription active, the video itself is gone. Feel free to unstar the event to remove it for future!