DON'T Bypass open door when setting alarm

Bypassing sensors when setting the alarm: I often have the front door open when I set the alarm to Away. I am asked to bypass sensors. It would be far easier to have the system simply NOT bypass sensors if I don’t press the bypass button. I’d like to be able to effectively say “No, don’t bypass” by not pressing the button. Then I would close the front door, and it would NOT be bypassed. At this point, I have to start to set the alarm, get the error about bypassing sensors, close the front door, and start over. Would be so easy to just allow me to skip the bypass button and have nothing bypassed. At this point, you cannot do this.

Hi @kengetz. Correct. If you arm the Ring Alarm system with a Contact Sensor open, you will be asked to bypass the Contact Sensor. As an alternative, you can also exit your home and Arm the Ring Alarm system via the Ring App on your smartphone.

I was looking around for the same problem.
I would like to suggest that the bypass should act differently in case of sensor with late activation. I would Expect the sensor to activate after the time i set up as exit delay, for 2 motivations:

  1. The “bypass notification” is also useful to know if I left a window open. Like it is now, i can not get this “feature”.
  2. Also, like it is now, i’ll need to bypass everytime I activate the away mode and it is annoying.

Lastly, if i told Ring that a sensor is on the main door, and that the activation should be delayed, telling me that the main door is open while I am going to activate the “away” mode is really useless. I’m going to Pass trough that door and colse it within 60 seconds…

It would be nice if, just for the main door sensor, the activation could be delayed by the same amount of time of the “exit delay”

Sorry for my horrible english…

Hi @Phra82. Thanks for sharing interest on this! I suggest adding to this Feature Request here. This will help collect all interest in one place.