Don’t waste your money

Had a ring pro gifted to me for Christmas. Crashed a couple of months ago couldn’t get it back online. Did a hard reset from the doorbell and got it to work. March 27, crashed again. Thought the problem might be my modem and router. Upgraded and $190 dollars later still won’t work. The ring connection was not visible on the old WiFi or on my new WiFi. Still have good voltage to unit and the doorbell still rings. Called support they wanted me to repeat everything I had been trying for a week already! Looking for a new doorbell or camera system that is NOT A RING! Buyer beware.

Sorry to hear about this @Jgw100! If you’ve covered all these steps to check wifi and power resources, our support team will be of the most assistance. Keep in mind, they are trained to cover all the bases to ensure they are getting you a proper solution.

+1 Its a great idea, but its security value diminishes when you go to check an alert and and all it shows is a black screen. Needs reset every couple of weeks.

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