Dome Siren Goes Offline

After installation my dome siren worked fine for 2 1/2 weeks. Lately it has been going off-line at random times . If I go to the garage remove the battery replace it and re-link it, base station will find the siren fine. It tests fine.

It is only 30 feet away from a ring Z wave extender. Perhaps it’s the batteries? Anyone else having this problem? Do I need to put an additional extender closer to the dome siren? I could try two new batteries I guess. Just wondering if anyone else had had this problem.

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Hey @Normfarrin! This could certainly be caused by distance, although z-wave should be able to reach most places in a home. Keep in mind the number of walls and appliances between the Base Station and your Dome Siren, as well as the wall material or appliances existing in your Garage. If you feel a Range Extender is needed for this area, I recommend testing with the one in your kit to see if this improves connection. Great call also on checking those batteries, however, they should last awhile depending on use. Feel free to update us on the results! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

I am thinking strongly about getting an additional Z wave extender and plug it in IN the garage. That should solve the problem completely. I may order another Dome siren with the extender for the other end of the garage too. Thanks for getting back to me.