Dog was attacked and I need the footage

My dog was attacked at 5:47 and the ring picked it up but since it was just regular motion, it only has about 30 seconds of footage and not everything else. Is there a background database of storage that can be accessed to let me find the rest of the video?

Hey @Greenlegacy17. I’m so sorry to hear what happened to your dog and hope that everything is okay! Since the Doorbell is a battery operated device, its maximum recording time is going to be 30 seconds. If you have your Motion Frequency set to Frequent, this should ensure that any motion that is still happening within line of sight of the camera is recording again right after this motion event has stopped. If the device is set to Standard for the frequency, it will give more down time in between back to back events to help with the battery’s performance and longevity between charges.

We do not have a background database of storage that can accessed for additional footage. The storage that you have is what the device is capturing, and therefore whatever the device is capturing and stored is all the footage that will be available. I recommend making that change to your Motion Frequency if it’s not already on Frequent to ensure that any missed footage does not happen to you in the future.