Does this doorbell have motion detection?

Hello, I have access to a Ring doorbell (model: B08H5V7RSH SKU: 6450310) that I am thinking of installing, but I wanted to know if this model has motion detection and it’s effective range. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply!

I checked the manual that came with it, and it doesn’t mention motion detection. Also, how do I know the doorbell generation and manual version to choose? Thanks again!

Hi @user13977. All our our current Doorbell models have Motion Detection. This is key to how the Doorbell operates. You can find all of our Doorbells here. Although there are some factors that can contribute to the effective range of the Motion Detection, you can expect up to 25-30ft of range. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

It has motion detection but it is not compatible with chimes as motion sensing events disables the ring button for the duration of the motion sense event. This is a huge bug or oversight. In practice you have to diaable motion sensing if you want to use a door bell.

Hi @JustinW. I have responded to your comment here regarding the same concern.