Does Ring have access to your cameras?

Hello, I know this is probably answered in some hard to find post or FAQ or something.

All I wanted to know, is does Ring staff have access to your cameras / footage? If you have internal cameras then it’s inevitable that you’ll be walking around naked at some point. How secure is the footage?

Hi @MaxDaddie. Ring staff cannot access view your recorded videos or the Live View from any of your devices. Only the owner of the device can view this information and they’re in charge of who gets to see any of the recorded videos or the Live View. You can learn more about how important your privacy is and all of the options you have to keep your account safe on our website here. I hope that helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

Dear @Caitlyn_Ring you said “from your devices”. Can Ring staff access my videos or my camera feed from YOUR offices / locations / staff systems.

I feel like you deliberately misanswered my question. Of course you can’t access my computer or phone, but the video’s are stored on RING or Amazon servers. So, I’ll ask once more, can Ring access anyone’s live feed or stored videos from RING systems.

Whenever I’ve had to call support and they have wanted to look at my live view and recordings, I’ve had to grant them permission to do so. Each time I was sent an email with a button/link to click, which then took me to a page where I had to click on another button to grant them permission for a pre defined length of time.

I believe this would be the case if any member of Ring staff wanted to view your videos. It’s not possible unless you grant them access.

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@MaxDaddie I’d be happy to clarify further as there may have been some miscommunication here. When I said “from your devices”, I specifically mean from your Ring devices, as this is where the videos are recorded from. As @NinjaNate mentioned, if you contact Ring support and they need to view any recorded videos for troubleshooting purposes, it can only be done so after you have granted permission through the support’s verification process. It is only for troubleshooting purposes, and they are not able to access your Live View. :slight_smile:

Hello Maxdaddie, I wanted to “chime” in on your question because I have the same concerns. The answer your looking for is yes they can. There was a user who gave you some information as to having to grant permissions to access them which is true too but overall they can also access at will your systems with or without that “granted” permissions / request. The other issue is not just RING but it seems a 3rd party is also being granted access to the ring camera systems which is extremely alarming and needs to be addressed.