Does Ring Doorbell Elite need Power Kit if there is already PoE+ on network?

Does a Ring Doorbell Elite need the Elite Power Kit installed if there is already a PoE+ switch on the network which supplies enough wattage for the doorbell thru the ethernet cable? I have installed the Elite doorbell without the Power Kit and it is working fine but I can only sync it to my network over wifi and not over the ethernet. I am trying to figure out if this is a network issue or if it is the fact that the power kit is not installed.

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Good question @Susanna! The Video Doorbell Elite can be powered via POE, using the POE injector and ethernet, as you stated. You can certainly also connected wires from a 16 to 24 VAC power supply to the ac terminals, for powering the Elite. If the POE method is not powering the Elite, but is delivering network resources, the best next thing to check is the ethernet chord used. You’ll be happy to hear no Pro Power Kit is needed for the Doorbell Elite setup. :slight_smile: