Does ring alarm system have anti jamming technology?


I was interested in purchasing a Ring alarm system, a friend of mine has another wireless alarm system and he also gets alerted if theres attempts to jam the wireless signal, does Ring have similar features to prevent jamming?

Advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @marcster. We do not have this feature at this time, as the Ring Alarm system communicates on a Z-Wave network that the Base Station creates during setup. All devices, such as the contact sensors, motion sensors, keypad, and do on, will talk on the Z-Wave network. Therefore, if your wifi goes down, the Z-Wave will stay intact as long as your Base Station is online and functioning. If you Base Station loses connection to the internet through a wifi jamming that may occur, if you have the Ring Protect Plus Plan, the cellular backup from the SIM card within it will keep the Base Station online.

When it comes to the individual Alarm Devices that the Base Station talk to, if the Z-Wave signal/connection is ever weak, you will see an error message like the one in the attached picture! This is what it looks like for a range extender, when it has a weak signal. Hope this helps clear it up for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply that makes sense :slight_smile:

One final question, I understand the sensors etc communicate to base station via Z-Wave (non wifi) network, if for some reason communication stops, e.g. PIR sensor stops communicating with base station for whatever reason, will I get any alerts on phone or base station?

@marcster You’re right! So when a device is having problems communicating with the Base Station, whether it’s from a poor Z-Wave signal, dead battery, fault in product, it will say it has a Poor Connection/Signal to the Base Station, similar to that screenshot. If the device actually falls offline (unable to communicate to the Base Station after enough “missed” attempts to check in with the Base Station), you should get a push notification that the device reported as offline in the app. :slight_smile: