Does Chime require internet connection?

If my internet service goes down, will the Ring Doorbell still be able to communicate with the Ring Chime (over the LAN/Wifi)? Or does operation between Doorbell & Chime require a connection through Ring servers?


Glad you asked @geo1963! Our Chime devices are wifi enabled and require wifi connection to communicate between your Doorbell and router. Without signal or the required power, the devices will not operate as intended. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

So to be clear it doesn’t require internet connectivity just local network connectivity. Is that correct? @Marley_Ring

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Hey @stukes. Our devices are wifi enabled devices and therefore require a solid wifi internet connection from a modem or router. They will connect wireless over your wifi network and the Ring app. You will need to ensure you have a 2.4 Ghz connection (or 5.0 Ghz connection if you have the 2nd Generation of the Chime or Chime Pro). Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea, I understand they are connected via wifi.

Question is if there is no internet connectivity but there is still a wifi connection will the chime still work?

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So, I double on the initial question: will the chime work if the Ring Doorbell and the chime are connected to the same WiFi network, but there is no outside connection to the Internet? Let’s say the ISP is down or there is a malfunction on the street network devices, but the WiFi inside my house is working fine, will the chime work when the doorbell buton is pressed or not? As a test, unplug from your router the wire that comes from your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and press the doorbell’s button to see if the chime works. Thank you!

Hey neighbors! Sorry for any confusion there may have been before, but since our Ring devices are wifi enabled, they need a constant connection via wifi and through a stable Internet connection. The devices will talk and communicate via the cloud for video storage and reporting events to your mobile device when the events happen, so therefore not having a stable wifi and internet connection will result in the devices not being operational and will fall offline. Hope this helps clear this up!

To be clear - the Ring Chime requires an internet connection to work (just being both on the same LAN is not enough)

Even if both the Ring Doorbell and Chime are both connected to the same wifi network, the chime will NOT ring if the connection from the local network to the internet is not working.

Last year not long after it was installed we had some guests round for dinner, and didnt realise the internet connection was down, so had one standing outside for a while wondering why I wasnt answering the doorbell. NB - Its a Ring Pro, and a v1 Chime, but I dont think the v2 is any different in this regard. The Ring Pro is connected to the 5Ghz wifi network, and the chime to the 2.4Ghz - but again I dont believe that makes any difference. (It does all work fine when the internet is up - which is most of the time!)

This does seem like something they could fix with a firmware update - Im sure the doorbell could learn the local IP address of the chime and communicate directly instead of via Ring’s servers. So how about it Ring???

I had the same problem 3 days ago and missed an important delivery !
Please fix this, it is unacceptable and so easy to fix on a local network (mdns).

So how exactly are we expected to know when the engineer from our internet service provider has come to fix our internet service?

This is ridiculous.