Does 2nd generation doorbell mhave to be hardwired?

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to ask for your patience because I’m not familiar with all of the terminology yet. I just received the Ring 2nd generation video doorbell and when I went online for installation instructions everything I read seemed to be for a hard-wired doorbell. I don’t have an existing doorbell and I wanted to buy a wireless video doorbell, but I believe I may have bought the wrong one. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you

Hi @user31791. The Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) is a battery powered Doorbell that can be installed without an existing doorbell circuit. You can find the steps on how to do that in this Help Center article. Our battery powered Doorbells can also be hardwired to an existing doorbell circuit, which might explain some of the instructions you found in your initial search. I hope this helps clear things up! :slight_smile: