Do not get smart lighting!!

Very bad products.
Ring smart lighting products do not work do not get them. I’ve had issues with Pathlights, spotlights, the bridge, and low voltage transformers. These things don’t work and Ring customer service does not know how to resolve issues even though they put you on hold for a long time. Their solution is to just send you another one but you have to return the one you had or they charge you so it’s a hassle. I would recommend if your wanting an all in one solution, don’t use Ring smart lighting

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I own 10 path lights, 2 floodlights and a motion detector. I have no issues with any of them at all. So, it’s not the product that’s a problem. If it was mine wouldn’t work either. As well as the thousands that own them. You might want to state what your problem is before making a statement based off what?