Do I need?

Hi. I bought a Ring Pro, took off old doorbell and hard wired it to where it was. Now, I want to put a Ring on my back door for safety. Does it have to be hard wired too? Or is the rechargable batteries alone needed? I have no doorbell on the back door, that is why I am asking if the second Ring needs one so it can be hardwired? Does it need a base to work? Or is the Ring Pro from my front door enough? thanks

Great questions @Angelfirewithwings! This will be entirely up to your preference and which Doorbell you have. As it sounds like your front door is covered with a hardwired Ring Doorbell Pro, you may use any model of Video Doorbell for the back door.

Your Video Doorbells will connect individually to your home wifi network, and be accessible in your Ring app on your mobile device. If you prefer to use a rechargeable battery powered Doorbell, all of the Doorbell models, besides the Pro and Elite, are battery powered. Keep in mind that power type will determine what types of features will come with the device. I recommend checking out our Video Doorbell comparison guide for more information on each model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: