Do I need a corner kit

Just received my Ring Video Doorbell 2020 release and the corner kit (3 stackable sections), which I ordered thinking this would provide an improved view, but am wondering if the corner kit really will be an improvement over mounting the doorbell flat on the wall.
The mounting point is approx. 12" to the right of the edge of the entry door. Another 18" further right beyond the doorbell is a wall that projects out the length (about 24 feet) of the walkway approaching the door

With a 155 degree horizontal field of view, the camera will certainly ‘see’ an individual standing at the door, but angling it will point the camera more directly at someone standing at the door. On the other hand, angling the doorbell will result in the approach walkway being off center from the camera’s field of view while mounting it flat on the wall will result in the doorbell camera being pointed directly in line with this approach walkway.

This being my first video doorbell, I’d appreciate suggestions from those with experience.

Thanks in advance.

Only you can determine how you want it.
Figure out what you want to cover, walkway, driveway, doorway, whatever, and point it there. If that means using a corner kit, or a modified piece of wood, or nothing, then go with it.
There’s also nothing preventing you from setting it up one way, not liking it and trying something else.

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