Do I have to upgrade my Ring plan when I add a security camera ? I already have the doorbell

I already pay for the Ring doorbell plan but added a spotlight cam do I have to upgrade my plan ? Thanks

You know it appears so, and the ridiculous thing is trying to ask questions for both of us. I have a door bell signed up and have added a camera also. We Like the results just very unsatifived with the type and help of asking these questions and no apparent customer service. A bit too modern for me. My situation is: the $30 was paid for the door bell in December and today we added the cameral for $30 more and we are paid from 5/24/20 for the camera. Now we have a bill due in January of 2021 for $60. How does that math work? Does not compute and no email or chat to ask. In this day and age seems pretty sad to me. Take care and if you figure it out please let me know. You will get shorted in time paid. Plus no discuont for more cameras unless you have four and then it is $100 for four or more?

Hi neighbors! These are great question. As we have two Protect Plan types, they can be used based on preference.

For the Protect Basic Plan, this plan is subscribed per device. This is beneficial if you only have one or two Ring devices, and simply want to be able to view recordings. As this subscription and price is per device, the payment for this plan is also per device.

The Protect Plus Plan is an upgrade from the Basic Plan, which is best for owning multiple Ring devices or a Ring Alarm system. Protect Plus subscription will cover all devices at any one location under one subscription. This plan also offers the ability for professional monitoring with Ring Alarm, and includes discounts and exclusive features.

Check out our Protect Plans page at for more information on each and pricing. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: