Do I have to have 3 emergency contacts?

Hi - I did a search using a few different terms but couldn’t find a thread on this. I just set up my Ring alarm and I was required to put three emergency contacts in for monitoring. I only wanted two people and the instructions under the third contact form said, “If you don’t have a third contact to add, you can add a second phone number for your first or second contact.” So that’s what I did.

As I’m reading through the monitoring process, it seems that the monitoring center will go through and call each contact, in order, a total of two times per contact before dispatching emergency services. Is that correct? Six phone calls is a lot of time in an emergency. A lot of the Ring documentation seems to indicate that at one time, only two contacts were required. Is there any way to just skip using a third contact? The form doesn’t let me save it without it being filled out.

If it ruly is required to have three contacts, can someone from Ring comment on the logic? I’m in a two person household so two contacts makes sense but I’m not sure even two would make sense for some people who live alone.

Good question @sixstringbuzz ! In the event of an Alarm, the Central Monitoring Station will call the primary contact to confirm the emergency for necessary dispatch. If the call is not answered, they will then call the secondary contact and of course a third if still no answer. Keep in mind that certain Alarm triggers result in immediate dispatch, therefore there is no effect on the response timing. If none of the emergency contacts answer, emergency responders are dispatched immediately if they have not been already. This help center article explains more in depth the emergency contacts and dispatch process, so you can be as prepared as possible in case of an emergency.

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Hi Marley_Ring!

Thanks for the quick response. Is there a reason Ring requires three contacts instead of two? And is there a process to suggest that only two contacts are required (with an option for a third)?

Thank you!

Of course @sixstringbuzz! The number of emergency contacts is actually dependent on the area. Some only require 2, while others will require 3 for permit and false alarm reasons.

If you visit the emergency contacts section of this help center article it will explain this more, as well as permits and requirements by area. :slight_smile:

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Ah ok! That makes sense. I thought it was something that Ring required, not something my local municipality decided. Thanks again!

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