Do cameras disabled with "Home Mode" still allow users with shared access to view?

Not finding a concise answer with any searches.

I’d like to know if when I disable a camera when in Home Mode, can it still be viewed by anyone with shared access?

I have the “Shared User Access” turned off in the Mode Settings.


Good question, @FreddieG! When visiting the Ring app > Menu > Settings > Modes, you will indeed see a shared user access option within that page. This does not necessarily mean that what you change on your Ring app will reflect totally on their Shared access Ring app, however, it does mean that the Shared User will have the ability to see the mode it is in. Shared Users should still have access to live view and the option to choose notifications on/off for their own app.

The Shared User access option in your modes settings is a reminder to add your Shared User to your Alarm system in order for those security system modes to be seen. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: