Display issues

Hi, My ring doorbell hardwired version only displays black and white images and video. tried rebooting few times but that has not fixed the issue. Do I need to claim a warranty. Bought around 3 months ago.

Hi @atul.lathar. As of 17:10 UTC today, our team was made aware of a concern where Video Doorbell Wired devices are remaining in night vision mode which is causing black and white video. There is no workaround available at this time, but our teams are working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on status.ring.com to check on the current status of this concern.

Same issue here. Black and White in the daytime. Started 2 days ago.

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I have the basic wired doorbell. It also was black and white all day today. I reset it and set it up all over again, but by then it was already after sunset. I shined a flashlight and the color didn’t come back.

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Hey neighbors, I’ve moved your replies over to this thread since it falls under the same concern. Our teams are working to resolve this and I recommend keeping an eye on the status page in the meantime. Thanks for your patience!

I have noticed that in the last few days that my hard wired Video doorbell is only capturing images in black and white. This seems to be a common issue that a number of users are reporting.

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I am having the same issue. Live video is in black and white as well.

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thanks for the response @Caitlyn_Ring

its gone back to normal color mode after I removed and re added to ring app (from add/remove device menu in the ring app) and its working fine since then from yesterday.