Discussion: Ring and Smart Home Integrations

What smart home integration has been most useful in your Ring of security?

Integration with Alexa to auto-lock the doors when setting the alarm (via alexa only right now).


I love my Alexa integration! I have the Echo Show. Is that the same one you have @SonofLiberty82 ?

No but I wish I did! I have several dots and a echo plus. They work great for announcements and automations. Hopefully I can get a show sometime to test how that works with the doorbell and cameras!

Oh nice! Let me know when you do and I will personally help you get it up and running and integrated :smiley:

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If Ring would integrate with my Nest thermostats to set home and away mode, I would absolutely dump my other security system. Right now running both. The wife arms them as she is leaving, but with four Nest thermostats, she never remembers home/away. That feature saves me a lot of money since we are gone for long periods.

Iā€™d love to see Ring/Amazon put away the pettiness re: Google and support Chromecast for accessing Live Video and Motion/Doorbell activity.

If this list of mainly economy-grade vendors can support video casting, then its obvious there is no technical reason that Ring/Amazon cannot:

  • Arlo
  • atomi smart
  • Geeni
  • homee Smart Home
  • mydlink Smart
  • ioe smart
  • iView iHome
  • KAFO Smart
  • Logi Circle
  • Momentum Smart Home
  • Nest
  • Netatmo
  • Panasonic HomeHawk
  • Q-See Plus
  • Smart K
  • Swann Smart Security Camera
  • TP-Link Kasa
  • Tuya Smart, Smart Life
  • Zmodo
  • SpotCam

Ring and August locks would be very useful since it was announced at CES in January.

I do like that Alexa integrates with both so when I set my Alarm to Home, Alexa will remind me of what locks I have open

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I would like to see better integration with Smartthings, for instance, when arm ring as away, turn off all lights, set thermostat to away.

I have a number of battery operated cameras - I would love the Alexa reminders to tell me when a battery is low and needs to be changed