“Discover” Tile Needs to be Removed from the Ring App Dashboard

The large “Discover” tile should be removed from the Ring app Dashboard immediately. This is simply no excuse for including any type of marketing/advertising in an app that controls security devices – let alone taking up valuable real estate on the main screen. This is a SECURITY app, not a shopping app.

Common sense dictates that the two categories of items that should appear on the Ring app Dashboard are ones that:

  • Need to be accessed quickly in an emergency
  • Are accessed the most frequently

Obviously, neither the “Discover” tile (or the “Set Up a Device” link) qualify.

Don’t know about your app, but in my app the Discover boxes and Set Up A Device link are below the last camera in the list. All the “emergency” items are at the top, so if one needs those, a person just doesn’t scroll down. I rarely have a need to scroll down so I never see either.
When I just looked at the Discover box all I saw were mentions of various features in products or the app itself.
I saw no shopping or links to products.
I could think of many things that I’d rather see Ring work on than this. Like getting the web app to have parity in features with the phone app.

SolarEclipse -

I hope you’re not trying to imply that the time commitment required for the two projects is remotely comparable. I assume Ring could remove the two items from the Ring app Dashboard with almost no effort whatsoever.

Ring should also be able to eliminate other marketing/advertising from the Ring app very quickly, including, but not limited to:

  • What’s New
  • Shop Deal
  • Invite Neighbors
  • etc.

Actually, l’d prefer a robust native Windows Ring app over a web app.

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I totally agree. Unprofessional and annoying and just something you have to scroll past to get to something useful.


Agreed, simple to add option ‘ remove discover from dashboard.’

It’s 5 mins coding max :wink:

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