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Happy New Year neighbors! As you know, we have recently made some changes to the Community. As you log into the Community with your Ring account, we wanted to flag that you may see ‘Discourse’ under Linked Accounts in the Control Center of your Ring App. Discourse is the platform we use for the Ring Community :slightly_smiling_face: Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Why dont ring notifications work on phone?

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You’ll have to provide a bit more information as to what is going on, @Spectatorx. Make sure that your notifications are turned on for your phone and ensure you have proper motion zones set up. You can always give our support team a call as well for in depth troubleshooting. Thanks!

Everything is on but no messenges when someone moves in ffront of camera. Have to go to ring app then i can see all the movements. Everything is on. Tuesday everything went quiet in ring app. Shhoul be app problem and not phone. Have reinstalle ring app too but same problem. No messeges.Push notifications are ON.

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Hi @Spectatorx - it may be best to contact support to take a further look into this. That way a team member can walk through all the correct settings are one and ensure we get your device up and running to its full potential. You can find a list of contact numbers, here. Thanks!