Discontinuation of Ring App

I opened the Ring desktop app on my PC tonight and was greeted with the information that the app will be discontinued on PC and MAC from 15 October, and that we should use Ring.com instead (it contains ‘most’ of the features of the app, apparently).

Ring.com does not currently allow live view, and that means you can’t communicate with whoever is outside. There also appears to be no access to ‘device health’, and as many Ring owners will be aware, being able to check that periodically (or because you missed a call and need to find out if a reboot is required) is rather important.

I use the desktop app because you don’t get the full benefit of a HD camera on a fiddly smartphone screen anyway, and I don’t like being forced down that route.

I hope that the missing features will be added to Ring.com before 15 October, otherwise I might start looking for an alternative system


I just started looking, and an ONVIF doorbell seems to be the way to go.

You can connect to your home network, and you control all the traffic without it having to go to someone else’s cloud.


I agree, this decision really makes use while you are home more difficult and on the computer. I liked that the notifications would show on the screen and you didn’t have to move to the phone. Add to that it’s very difficult when working from home and being on the cell to see who is at the door.

Good grief, who is the mastermind that decided this?


Hi neighbors, we understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback. You can now access Live View from your Ring.com account through your supported web browser. Depending on what device you have, this feature update allows you to use two-way talk, enable sound, activate your siren, or turn on the lights.

Once again, we do appreciate your feedback on the discontinuation of the Ring Desktop app and we will be sharing it with our team. Please see our Help Center article here for more info on this. Thank you for your understanding!

Again Marley, your solution DOES NOT HELP! I am canceling my RING Camera’s subscription because of this. Seriously, NOW you guys are no better than WYZE or Panasonic Hawk Cams!


I opened ring.com on both Edge and Chrome browsers and when i click Live View uuuhhhh it takes for ever and no picture, but when I open the desktop app I can see Live View in one second. So Ring don’t tell me the problem is in my internet connection…Edge and Chrome browsers don’t open Live View but the Desktop App open it right away…Why is that Ring?


Live View does not work in MS Edge or Chrome, please fix.


I use Edge and it works for me.

Having said that, I just logged in to check it and was greeted with the message ‘you have no devices at this location’. It was only by clicking to History, then back to Dashboard that it decided I did indeed have a Ring doorbell.

But my Chimes still aren’t listed (as they are in the app). And I can’t check my device health.

I think by doing this they have opened up a massive, massive can of worms, where the configuration (and general health) of people’s computers is going to create more problems than ever. It’s a major underestimation on their part.

I also got this message today. I am not happy with this at all as I use my Mac for all my accessibility needs, in particular for viewing and interacting via the ring doorbell.

I will definitely be looking for other options going forward.

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Not happy - WHY are the desktop apps being discontinued? Absolutely no explanation. Presumably this can only be a decision that is being made to save money? Safari on the Mac isn’t supported for Lee View at the moment. Is this going to get fixed?

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Thanks for your reply - alas the knowledge base article you shared fails to explain WHY Ring is discontinuing the app. Can you please explain? This is a very poor decision.

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So somebody rings my doorbell this morning and I get a popup on my Mac telling me the desktop app is going away. I use the desktop app 90% of the time (I usually work from home and my Mac is always in front of me, if not I have my MacBook which also has the app installed) so that’s clearly going to impact me.

I decided to look at the web version to give it the benefit of the doubt and apparently live video is only supported in Chrome or Edge. So I’m on a Mac and I ONLY use Safari. So what are Ring going to do for people like me?

As an early adopter I’ve still not got over the fact that we were promised HomeKit integration and am still waiting. Perhaps it’s time to start looking for an alternative. Shame really because it’s been a great doorbell otherwise!


@Marley_Ring You must have seen all the recent replies to other threads on this topic that are saying it’s not a solution, all you’re doing is aggravating people by marking it as a solution when the web app doesn’t provide anything like the functionality of the app.


I open ring.com on Chrome or Edge and If i am lucky i can open Live view in 20 seconds, using the desktop app used to take ONE second, then when i close that camera , i have 4, and try to open another camera it never opens it. I have Spectrum internet. But using the desktop app. i am able to open and see Live view in One second even if i close one camera and i open another one. But using Chrome or Edge, I repeat it again, If i am lucky the camera i click opens in 20-30 seconds but then when i close it i am not able to open any of the other 3 cameras, it stays forever Activating Live View…I have 2 wired stick cameras and 2 wired Floodlight cameras, Please ring fix this issue otherwise you will not be #1 anymore.

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Very displeased as well about the sudden discontinuation of the desktop app! The availability of a desktop app was one of the deciding factors for RING. Feels like bait and switch. Not expected from a respectable company. Please reconsider this. We NEED the desktop app to work and work well. Can’t imagine its that hard to support.


Totally agree - love to understand the reason why as well

This has to be the poorest decision Ring could possibly make. What is it about, saving money? Well hell, just raise the price a bit, whatever it takes, but don’t nuke the usability of the product! VERY disappointing.


I, too, am very unhappy about the pending discontinuation of the MacOS ring app. I’m on my MacBook all day, and used the ring app often. It is great.

The ring.com solution is not useful now. Not even notifications. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I use the Ring app on my MacBook all day, too. This is terrible news. I will be looking elsewhere, too.

The other problem having to log onto the web app if you have 2FA enabled is that, unlike the desktop app, you’ll miss most of the folks who ring your doorbell or activate the camera via motion. What a brilliant idea from whoever made the decision to dump the desktop app. Wow! Perhaps it may be time to move on…