Disarmed mode

I noticed there’s a new selection in the software called disarmed mode. Due to all the flags in my neighborhood and it being a windy day the ring is constantly going off along with the fact there’s a bug in the software which is causing multiple alerts for each event that happens. I tried to use the disarm mode to shut the thing up while it was windy to stop all these alerts and multiple alerts I’m getting. However, it does not disable anything. Everything still keeps going off even though it’s in disarm mode. So I ask what exactly is disarm mode and if it is supposed to disarm the system stop all these alerts then there is a major bug because it does not work. Please advise. Thank you.

Hey there, @Cowboy99! You are certainly using the right feature for this as the Modes feature allows you to customize 3 modes for controlling your Cameras. Check out our help center article about Modes for a breakdown of each mode and best use cases.

As it sounds like much of your alerts are coming from motion events caused by wind, check out the Motion/ Global Snooze feature that allows for you to snooze motion alerts for a specified amount of time, and for multiple devices at once. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

OK. I have found that area and will give it a try next time.

However, I am still getting multiple alerts on all of the iOS devices. The chime pro only response wants to each event but the iOS devices a.k.a. iPhones are sending at least two responses for every trigger of the camera event. This is really getting to be a pain. It is only happening on iOS devices so I don’t believe it has anything to do with the camera otherwise the chime pro should be doing the same thing and it’s not. I would hope this bug or whatever gets fixed soon. Thank you.

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Thanks for the update, @Cowboy99! If this multiple or double notification concern persists, and if you find the time, please include a screen recording of this occurring. I will be passing this feedback along to our teams here for further investigation.