Disappointing motiion detection on Stick-up Cams

Hi All,

Another question! I’m a little disappointed with the motion detection on the Stick-up cams. I’ve played around with People Detection, Advanced Motion Detection etc, but disappointed with the results.

I’d like all motion to be recorded, but only to receive notifications for people. Is this possible?

People detection is rather poor, often it only detects at the last minute or not at all. So we get very poor video recordings as it starts to late or ends too quickly. Is there any way to force the cam to record for the entire period it detects a person? Any way to optimise? (Cams are all 8-9ft high)

Advanced motion detection takes an *age* to process… Is there a compromise so that I can make use of Advanced motion detection (such as zones) without having to have the delay in processing?

Advanced Motion zones only cover the bottom 3/4 of the image. The cam needs to detect movement further away (higher up). Is there any way to achieve this without reducing the height of the camera and compromising visibility and security?

Sorry for all the questions, thanks in advance for your help and tips


Hi @The_Digital_Platypus. People Only Mode is a great feature that works for some neighbors, but others have found that their motion detection is more consistent without using this feature. I’d recommend reviewing our Help Center Article on People Only Mode here, as this will go into a bit more detail on how the feature works. For the processing time on recordings, there’s no way to adjust this or manually speed it up, as the recording has to process before it’s available to review in your Event History.

The reason that the top portion of the Camera’s view is not available for the Customizable Motion Zones is because the Camera’s actual motion sensors do not reach that far up in its view. You can read more about this feature update in our Community Post here as well. I hope that helps answer your questions, as the motion detection does take a lot of trial and error until you find settings that work best for your home. :slight_smile: