Disable video recording via smart home skill?

Hi all, we’re prepping for becoming a foster home and found out we need a way to disable video recording for the Ring Spotlight Cam in our backyard (can’t record kiddos in the foster care system!). I’m trying to figure out if there’s an easy way to do this…

I set a schedule (thanks to Ring best settings for housemate privacy?) so that the camera motion detect (and therefore recording) is off during the day. That’s my best guess so far.

Are there ways to enable/disable recording or motion detection via smart home triggers? It might make more sense to do something like attach it to the disabled/home/away modes or something, but I can’t figure out if that’s possible.

Any better ideas? (Thanks in advance!)

Hi @Wilsons. You may want to check out the Modes feature, which will allow you to control how your Camera behaves based on which mode you set your system in. This way you can set the Camera to not record motion during a specific mode, but allow it to record motion during another mode and swap between these when needed. I hope that information helps! :slight_smile: