Disable keypad's "full battery" indicator LED light

Can confirm, three keypads that are plugged in 24/7 received the firmware update this afternoon (4-17-21) and the green lights on all three are now off while plugged in.

I noticed the mode LED (blue for disarmed, red for home and armed) now blinks or flickers once a minute on the keypads. It might have always been that way, but if it was I never noticed it before. It happens very briefly and if you blink you’ll miss it, so maybe I just never noticed it before. I got a stopwatch and timed it and it happens at exactly one minute increments, so it seems intentional.

Edit: Upon closer inspection, the flickering of the mode LEDs is not really at one minute intervals, and appears to just be random and frequent.

Hi neighbors, there was a recent firmware update that addresses this neighbor-requested features. When your Keypad is fully charged, the battery icon LED will now turn off. In addition, when using a Keypad that is plugged in, the mode LED will blink once a minute to remind you of your alarm’s current mode.

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Same behavior here. Thought I got hacked but I guess it is an enhancement. I think the Ring iOS app should get updated with the ability to enable or disable the green battery LED when fully charged. Now I have an LED on my keypad that will never light up. I actually liked having the solid green light to remind me that all was well with the keypad. I think the customer should be able to decide if they do or do not want the light enabled.

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Hi Marley. Are you sure about the keypad blinking once per minute to remind us of the current mode? My keypads are always plugged in and the mode light is always on (not blinking). Did you mean when using a keypad that ISN’T plugged in?

Same here - I logged on to search the forums because I thought something had gone wrong with my keypad, as the light was suddenly out. I guess we are in the minority - I liked it also, as mine is positioned at the bottom of my stairs and it was a bit of illumination at night so I didn’t need a nightlight. I’d second the request for a light enable/disable toggle in the app.

Also, as myfriendscallmezee said, mine does not blink once per minute while plugged in, either.

Suggest Ring update there web site details as this still states a solid green light means everything is okay.