Disable base station siren / adjust siren volume

what about being able to disable the base station alarm on the stay and away arming modes, and have also the option to adjust the volume of the alarm, and the type of alarm sound


I, too, definitely need a volume control for the base station. I have a Ring Alarm system in a condo and I only want to use it to notify me when I am home or away. I am not permitted to have the volume at a level where it either bothers the tenant above me or can be heard outside. It can definitely be heard outside. I need this feature asap.

I understand the value of the alarm, and that most people want it as loud as possible. I would MUCH rather be able to disable it or adjust the volume. This is especially true while learning the system. I have too many people in the house, and the likelihood of a “real” alarm is too small, to have a 104 decibel false alarm every time a window is opened while people are learning the system.

Is there any disadvantage to allowing the user to make this seemingly simple adjustment? Why not let the user make the choice?

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I would love for this to be implemented, as I live in a two bedroom apartment and I don’t want neighbors to have to listen to the siren, especially when I test or accidentally set the alarm off at three in the morning. I placed the ring hub in a closet and covered the ring keypad speaker with tape. The problem is placeing the hub in a closet compromises its ability to comunicate with devices, and placeing tape on the keypad makes it less aesthetically pleasing. I do think that the current sound is loud and affective at getting rid of an intruder, but it would be nice to be able to change the sound to something like a high low tone or a voice telling the intruder to exit immediately.

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in the past days I have tried to get some support on this, I want to disable the sirene or lower the volume and I can’t
I understand that ring believes it’s a security issue to disable the sirene, but I believe this should be also a customer decision.
will it be possible to have at least a volume option to reduce the sound of the sirene?
will be great if we can all vote on this feature


I also live in a very rural area so a siren is not even going to be heard. Would like to be able to at least control the siren volume

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Similar situation here.
When speaking with sales I had specifically asked if the siren could be turned off and was advised it could be.

My goal, living in a remote area, is not to scare people off.
I’m just looking for proof that someone is entering my home so that I can take additional measures such as installing a camera to see who entered.

Leaving the system unarmed is pretty useless as I’ll then need to review the history daily (which gets quite long given that motion is always recorded even when disarmed) or receive an alert every time the doors/windows are opened or I move.

Use of the siren, I’ll agree is vital to having a security system. But not in all cases.
This is not at all what I’d expected and will not fit my application.
If the option isn’t offered, the system will unfortunately have to be binned.

Still having issues with this? I disconnected my siren in the end by unscrewing the base station (will void your warranty) and so far so good.