Disable All Cameras instead of a 4th Mode

I know many have requested an additional Mode, myself included, that could possibly serve as a sub-disarmed Mode of sorts that disables all cameras.

Rather than package that function into an additional Mode, it may be more feasible for Ring to just add a “killswitch” button of sorts to the app that would auto-disable the “Record Motion” toggle on all cameras. This could be similar to the notifications Snooze feature, but with or without a time limit.

Even in Disarmed Mode, with my alarm off, I still leave a few cameras outside enabled. When working outside or having people over I’ll go in to each camera, one by one, and toggle off Record Motion. I just have no need to record myself cutting grass…

A one-stop button to kill all cameras would be a welcome addition by many, I’m sure. Those cameras could then just be left disabled until the next Mode change, or be disabled for ‘x’ many hours.

Having the 3 Modes at the top of my app looks very clean and works well. Maybe additional Modes aren’t the answer to disable all and instead just a ‘disable all cameras’ button is the more easily developed answer.