Dimming feature for Wired Floodlights

Just picked up some wired flood lights (no camera) and gotta say, brightness is awesome !!
Very bright and great flood coverage.
But, they really need a dimming feature on the app. Pretty much all flood lights sold have dusk to dawn feature, where the lights are on at dusk until dawn at a lower level brightness. And go to full brightness when motion is detected.
That is exactly what these wired models need.
They will not be starved of power like battery operated models due to them being hardwired. And having them be on at even 50% brightness when in dusk to dawn or on a scheduled light time would be perfect.
And of course have them go to 100% brightness automatically when motion is triggered during those times would be perfect.
And even if just using as normal motion lights, having the ability to dim your lights if needed would out you guys above the rest in my opinion.
Love the products as I have a whole array of them already but will be removing these flood lights and replacing with my previous basic ones that do dim when in dusk to dawn.
Would love to have these back up and running with all of my other lights if you guys send an update firmware for that feature.
Obviously this is just my opinion but really hoping and would even pay to have that feature enabled to be able to use these again.
Thanks for great products and look forward to more .

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In addition to this request , Iā€™d suggest allowing the light brightness be set all of the time.