Digital chime plays for 1 second - Ring Pro

I installed a Ring Pro and a new 24v transformer. My Heath/Zenith Multi-tune chime now only plays for 1 second when the Ring Pro doorbell is pressed. I tried pressing the Orange button to get it to reboot with no luck. I would like to have my chime play for 8-10 seconds. I currently have the setting to 10 seconds in the app, but it will still only plays for around 1 second and then stops. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I just noticed that if I switch my chime to mechanical, the chime will actually ring for about 2 to 3 seconds. If I switch it back to digital, it only plays for one second. Any thoughts?

Well, I decided to return my device after calling into support. The person wasn’t really knowledgeable and twice asked me to look at my wires behind the doorbell and remove the Ring while we were on the phone to make sure they were connected (everything was working except the chime) and 3 times asked me for the manufacturer of my chime. It was very obvious she was reading knowledge base articles and wasn’t very familiar with the product. She did confirm that my chime was compatible with the Ring Pro, but it wasn’t until I told her I had initially replaced my transformer with a 24 VAC / 20 VA transformer from Home Depot that she said the device needed 30 VA. The box specifications say 16 VAC. I told her that there was no mention of 30 VA on the box and she apologized, but said that was the cause of my problem. I wasn’t confident of the product after the issues I had seen and the customer support just confirmed that I would be returning the Ring and looking at a competitor. Good luck to everyone.